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Welcome to the most comprehensive Rotor site. Here you can read why the products from Rotor are so good, which the drive is and why it's the best solution for those who only settle for the best for his bike. The advantages of the Q-Rings, Rotor 3D cranksets, Rotor bracket bearings and other components are discussed on the product pages. 

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Rotor Q-Rings:

More power out of your effort!

To the point that you can put the most power you have with Rotor Q-rings the largest sprocket diameter and on the dead-point (bottom) you have the smallest section! Sounds very logical and that's basically too! How you have learned to pedal around, you ALWAYS pedal rounder with a Q-Ring! Just because you're using a wider group of muscles. Because Q-Rings get a very different way of getting kicks, It appears in the beginning that you are lost a part of your fitness/muscle. Of course it is not so, it is true that there are other muscles that must be trained. Evident also in the trainingplan that you ''do not try the Q-Rings kick around''.  This is meant that the Q-Rings aren't round gears and it also can not be! You have to change the way of stairs. I almost dare to propose that you should go back to square (time of the toeclips) and you focus on to started down! Because THAT is your greatest strength!! From the "old" position you go to rebuild to pedaling!  



Read here more about the Rotor Q-Rings and order the Q-Ring to your choice.



Rotor cranks:                                                                         

Stiff and light, that's the big advantage of the Rotor cranks. 

People from the construction knows it; the carrying capacity of a bar lies mainly in the height of the bar! Logically is the stiffness of a crank in the wideness of the crank. Why choose a small crank? Only because it is lighter again.... Rotor has found the perfect combination with the 3D cranks. Wide for stiffness and the unique Trinity Drilling System lighter than many other cranks! So twice advantage!

The stiffness of the cranks is measured of the right pedal (side chain... look out..) laying on the chain. Here like most brands ''take points''. Which value is neglected, that is the value of the left pedal to the chain. So basically the stiffness left crank (same as right) PLUS the axis! Right here has Rotor attention. The Rotor cranks (plus axis) have a high stiffness of the left crank measured up the chain. Of course less than the right, but better stiffness than most other.

Read here more about the Rotor cranks and order the cranks to your choice.


Rotor bracket bearings:

You are correct in Rotor again.

Everywhere Rotor spent just a little more attention to as well as their bearing bracket. Especially over the SABB system: Self Aligning Bottom Bracket. The (closed) bearings are in a floating housing. The bearings are therefore always in the correct position. Every little bump in frame distortion by the power that the rider exerts on the shaft is thus collected and the forces are in the right way at the lower end (axial) and twice annually replace bearings is over!




Here the overview of the roadbikes: 

First measure the inside diameter of your bracket (or save the specs on it after..)

Look what bearing you should have the 24mm cranks or 30mm cranks. It fits almost anywhere!

Hier het overzicht voor de MTB:

First measure the inside diameter of your bracket (or save the specs on it after..)

Look what bearing you should have the 24mm cranks or 30mm cranks. It fits almost anywhere!